Energy efficiency is without doubt the main problem of our time. As well as being an environmental issue, it is also in the most significant economic losses list, probably being the first item. The significance of energy management comes out ahead in this point. The utilization of energy at the optimum efficiency level constitutes the basis of energy management. Energy management is the area where Positive Energy is the most assertive. Ideal energy management means respect to the environment and contribution to the economy.

Positive Energy’s solution partner in energy saving management is Ista, the most deeply-rooted producer of energy saving components in the world and provider of counting services. ista, with its experience over a century, is an unrivalled corporation especially in Europe and the United States in the field of energy saving products.

Positive Energy provides products and services in billing the user costs of energy, water and other natural resources based on the consumption. In this context, the services we offer to the real estate managers, landlords and public consist of the supply and installation of heat paymeter, heat counter, water counter, communication counters, m-bus system, water cartridges and plumber systems and billing based on measurement and consumption.

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