Energy projects consultancy is a service concept that proves the special place of Positive Energy in the sector. Positive Energy provides consultancy services for local and foreign investors on project basis in the field of energy optimization with its consultants who are experts in their professions. In this regard, Positive Energy compromises in currently executed projects of local or foreign companies by supporting the provision of necessary public or private sector corporate meetings and the acquirement of permissions on one hand, and produces new projects through making the required pre-researches, budget and time planning on the other hand.

Positive Energy has the understanding of efficiency and productivity requirement for energy not only at the point of final consumption, but also in the site of production as well. Under this heading, it is ready to present solutions for increasing the productivity at currently operating energy production facilities. Besides benefiting the energy producer, this study also offers price advantages to the final consumer.

Positive Energy supports the utilization of environmentally-friendly energy resources, especially the utilization of renewable energy resources. Along with the “turnkey” construction of geothermal, solar and wind based energy plants, it undertakes the project preparation and realization of Hydro Electric Power Plants (HEPP) and thermal energy systems.

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